VPN server to browse securely and protect privacy

Avast SecureLine VPNlets you surf anonymously online, or use web services that aren't available in your country, by connecting to VPN servers around the world. 

During our test, there were 27 servers available in countries including the US, Germany, the UK, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Singapore. 

The Avast SecureLine VPN's interface gives you a single button, Connect, to connect you to the VPN. The web browsing speed is excellent, and while there's a slight lack of options, the service is great and accessible to everyone.

Secure all networks (even Wi-Fi), hide your browsing, and unblock web content

The internet is a transparent place. At any time, hackers, companies, even government agencies could be shadowing your every move, and collecting data on you and your personal life. It’s so easy to do, with a little know-how, even a child could see what you’re doing. Fortunately, it’s also easy to protect yourself—all you need is a trusted VPN, like Avast Secureline.

How does it work? Well, a VPN—otherwise known as a Virtual Private Network—is like a hidden passage through the internet. Normally, connecting to a website is very obvious, and spies can follow your virtual ‘footprint’ all around the web. But by using a VPN, you leave no trace for the bad guys to follow, allowing you to visit where you want without any unwanted tag-alongs.

Simply connect to any website with your VPN, quickly and conveniently, and you can rest easy knowing that you can enjoy the internet without the internet enjoying you.

* Mask your online presence

Prevent anyone, from malicious thieves to nosey companies, from keeping tabs on what you do with your time. Everything you do on your PC, be it banking, email,, business or games, will be securely hidden from view.

* Enjoy international content no matter where you are

There are lots of reasons for companies to region-lock their content, but no reason for you to go without your favorite shows. Work around these invasive restrictions and watch what you want, where you want.

*Easy to get, easier to use

Once it’s on your PC, SecureLine constantly monitors your network for ‘guests’ and unsafe connections, and can be turned on and off easily. No fiddling with awkward, confusing menus.

* Pay once, and you’re done

Don’t worry about additional fees or charges. Use SecureLine whenever and wherever you want, with no limitations.

Don’t leave your privacy to chance: download Avast SecureLine today!


  • 27 server VPN
  • Easy to use
  • Encrypted connection
  • Great web browsing speed


  • Few options

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

User reviews about Avast SecureLine VPN

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    its good news for it i heard .
    I was told Avast is good and fast and allows all network , i want to try try it and if its good i will add money  More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Speed was excellent and stability of the connection also..
    Your review on the Pros and Cons of Avast VPN stipulate a con that it lacks an Italia More


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